About our Filters

Beautiful Water systems integrate multiple filtration methods with technologies to enhance water’s structure, naturally balance its pH and mineral content, and imbue it with positive intention and consciousness through designs that evoke alchemaic forces and elicit positive emotions.


Beautiful Water designs are inspired by sacred geometry, flowforms, cymatics, water crystals, Ho’oponopono and alchemy.

The Beautiful Water logo balances the structure of Metatron’s cube and the five Platonic solids with flowing forms that ripple out in waves and break free as bubbles.

Beautiful Water designs also contain hidden blessings with each line of Metatron’s cube being created from text that reads “I love you, I respect you, I thank you, I bless you, I am you”. Within the centre of the logo is an alchemical symbol that imbues each device with positive intention and invokes gratitude to water and a deep connection to nature and all life on earth.

It is the thought and intention behind these designs and the unique combination of timeless wisdom and advanced science that turns Beautiful Water systems into sacred water vessels.

Whole House Water Filter

The thought and intention behind Beautiful Water Systems is reflected in the designs and filter technology. Beautiful Water systems use eco-polymer filters that combine mechanical filtration, ion exchange, adsorption, and activated carbon block filtration to remove toxic contaminants while retaining vital minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

The globular ecopolymer contains charged sub-micron pores lined with silver-impregnated ion-exchange resin that captures organic material and toxic contaminants and destroys microbes such as viruses, bacteria, spores, parasites and cysts.

The pressure created in the filter matrix expels carbon dioxide and naturally alkalinises the water turns scale-forming calcite into soluble aragonite. This leaves important minerals in place thus creating a naturally soft, alkaline water that allows soaps to lather and clean more effectively, while reducing the build-up of scale, mineral and soap residues on your skin, hair, glassware and surfaces.

We have a vision of a world of wellness where everyone on earth can bathe in beautiful water. To realise this vision Beautiful Water devotes 10% of revenue to clean water infrastructure.

We’d also love for everyone who has a Beautiful Water System, especially shops, cafes, yoga studios, galleries and other conscious businesses, to register with the refill my bottle App so people can find you and refill their water bottle for free.

At only a fraction of a cent per litre, Beautiful Water is much higher quality product than water sold in plastic water bottles for many dollars per litre. Giving away Beautiful Water is therefore a cheap, simple and effective way to reducing plastic bottles while doing what humans have always done, which is to connect at a sacred water source.

This simple act of sharing clean flowing water can attract conscious customers to your business and stop the flow of plastic bottles polluting our world which currently runs at a million a minute or 500 billion per year.

Whole House Water Filter

While many people are becoming concerned about water toxicity and are installing filters for their drinking water, few people realise just how toxic their water actually is or realise why it is more important to filter bathing water than drinking water.

Our drinking and bathing water commonly contains:

  • Chlorine and chlorine by-products
  • Bacteria, viruses and other microbes
  • Volatile organic compounds and sediment
  • Heavy metals and radioactive elements
  • Residues and pollutants

Many residues and pollutants have recently been labelled ‘Emerging Contaminants’ (ECs) and include pharmaceuticals, personal care products, Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals, steroids, hormones, surfactants and surfactant metabolites, flame retardants, pesticides, industrial additives, microplastics, nanomaterials and gasoline additives.

Emerging contaminants are synthetic or naturally occurring chemicals or any microorganisms that are not commonly monitored in the environment but have the potential to enter the environment and cause known or suspected adverse ecological and/or human health effects. . . . The threat lies in the fact that the environmental and human toxicology of most of these compounds have not yet been studied and in the fact that many of these compounds are not or cannot be tested for in municipal water systems. In addition, when these contaminants pass through drinking water treatment systems, by-products are generated whose chemical properties are as yet undetermined.
– Emerging Contaminants

Extreme Wellness Filters can effectively remove these compounds and simplify water filtration by remove toxicity from both bathing and drinking water and provide clean flowing water to every tap in your home so you can experience the comfort of knowing you are drinking, cooking, showering, bathing, grooming your pets and irrigating your plants using water free from toxic contaminants.

Wonders of Water

Wonders of Water

Water is a complex and mysterious substance that holds memory, sustains life and has at least four phases. Yet, water has many anomalies and there are many things about the physics, chemistry and biology of water that are not fully understood.

Chlorine Calamity

Chlorine Calamity

Why do we poison ourselves, then wonder why we are sick? Many people who suffer with skin or gut conditions don’t realise they poison themselves every time they drink or bathe in chlorinated water. Chlorine is highly toxic yet we knowingly add it to our water and...

War on Microbes

War on Microbes

For more than a century we have waged war on microbes, and have attacked them with disinfectants, pesticides, antiseptics, antibiotics and a range of industrial residues and pollutants.