Beautiful Water

Filtered structured balanced blessed free

Under Sink Filter System


The Beautiful Water Filter System can be used in situations where space is limited under your sink or in a boat, caravan or drinking fountain. It will filter up to 4,000 litres and supply Beautiful Water for drinking and cooking for over a year before needing replacement.

Under-sink Mini System package includes

  • 1 x 10 inch stainless steel canister with sacred geometry blessing design
  • Carbon block, eco-polymer ion- exchange filter cartridge
  • Falcon stainless steel connector hose 500mm
  • Non return valve

Spec sheet

Height: TBC
Width: TBC
Weight: TBC
Flow-rate: 25L/min at pressures up to 100PSI
Capacity: 4,000 litres (depending on water source)

Unlike other filters that begin to release toxic compounds at the end of their life, Beautiful Water cartridges retain all filtered material and simply reduce their flow rate when they need replacement. You’ll therefore know when you need to replace the filter cartridges because the water pressure will gradually reduce.

Additional information


Silver, Grey, Purple-Green, Blue, Blue-Bronze, Turquoise-Purple


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