Beautiful Water

Filtered structured balanced blessed free

Whole House System


The Beautiful Water Whole House System connects to your mains water line and transforms swank tap liquid into Beautiful Water that is filtered, structured, balanced, blessed and free flowing from every tap in your home.These two 20inch high-grade stainless steel cannisters are loaded with filter media including woven polypropylene, activated carbon block and state-of-the-art ion-exchange eco-polymers to filter, soften and alkalinise your water. The sacred geometry, blessing text and energy imbuement symbols further imbues your water with positive intention and provides you with naturally healthy water that uplifts your consciousness.

Package Includes

  • 2 x 20-inch stainless steel cannisters with sacred geometry blessing design
  • Steel bracket with 1inch port and ¾ inch reducers
  • Cannister removal spanner
  • Sediment filter cartridge
  • Ion- exchange filter cartridge


Package Dimensions 

Height: 71cm Width: 31cm Depth: 20cm Weight: 16kg
Flow-rate: 50L/min at pressures up to 100PSI
Capacity: 300,000 litres (depending on water source)

Beautiful Water is a powerful beauty treatment that will cleanse, moisturise and hydrate your skin and hair better than any other product and when you bathe in Beautiful Water you protect your natural body oils and microflora from the harsh drying and oxidizing effects of chlorine.

Beautiful Water is also a potent health product that will uplift your health and the health of your family, pets and plants, by enhancing their hydration and liberating them from toxicity.

A Beautiful Water Whole House System brings new level of health, hygiene and cleanliness to your body. Beautiful Water is naturally soft and allows soaps and detergents to fully lather and cleanse without leaving a soapy film or mineral deposits on your skin and hair.

Beautiful Water also enhances the health of your home, furnishings and equipment by preventing and reducing soap and mineral scale build-up on your surfaces, mirrors, glassware and plumbing fittings. Beautiful Water therefore saves you money by reducing the need for cleaning products and prolonging the life of your water heaters and plumbing fittings. Beautiful Water also leads to better air quality by preventing the release of toxic volatile organic compounds, gases and odours and enhancing the growth of plants and soil microbes that serve as living air filters.

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Grey, Purple-Green, Blue, Blue-Bronze, Turquoise-Purple


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